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Women & Science/Technology Policy Seminar - For Students

Announced on the WMST-L listserv:

Women & Science/Technology Policy Seminar in Washington, DC

The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) will be holding its Women & Science/Technology Policy Seminar January 4-8, 2010 for women science majors who want to explore what life is like as a science advisor.
This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for women students to discover a different way to professionally apply their scientific and technological knowledge - in a career developing public policy. The seminar teachers are women scientists in diverse areas of government and the private sector, including: White House science advisors, legislative staff in Congress, Institute directors at NIH, corporate lobbyists and scientists, and nonprofit advocates. These women immerse the students in the major issues of the day, guide them through the realities of policy making, and help them discover if they want to become part of the process.
Seminar registration DEADLINE is November 20, 2009. Visit this site for more information and on-line registration. This seminar is underwritten by Abbott, which makes $200 scholarships available to a limited number of students.

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How Do Blogs Help Recruit Women and Minorities in the Geosciences?

UPDATE: Pat Campbell has asked that if you did take the survey initially when it was returning 404 errors, and you subsequently re-took it, drop her an email and she will send you cookies! She has promised to send cookies to the first 10 of my readers who had to retake the survey, if you let her know by email. I've had her cookies. They are great! If you got the 404 error this is a nice incentive to retake - just do so and then drop Pat an email :
campbell AT campbell-kibler DOT com
UPDATE: If you took this survey right after I first posted this entry and got a 404 error when you tried to submit your answers, we are very very very sorry but your survey data was not captured. The error has been fixed now and we would be ever so grateful if you would please consider retaking the survey for us! Thank you so much, and sorry once again for the error!
Over the past several years, the geoscience blogosphere has blossomed so much that this fall, the Geological Society of America (GSA) will be convening a Pardee Keynote Symposium called "Google Earth to Geoblogs: Digital Innovations in the Geosciences." Kim Hannula of All Of My Faults Are Stress Related started wondering how blogs serve women geoscientists. Kim recruited the rest of us and we decided to approach this problem as scientists - by collecting data and analyzing the results. Specifically, we'd like to know how blogs might help in the recruitment and retention of women and minorities. We plan to discuss our results at the GSA session on "Techniques and Tools for Effective Recruitment, Retention and Promotion of Women and Minorities in the Geosciences." We have designed a survey, gone through the Institutional Review Board process (completely foreign to the geologists in our group), and now we need help from you.
We are asking you to complete a short (5- 10 mins), anonyomous, survey. The survey focuses on your participation with science blogs, why you read science blogs and what you gain from reading science blogs. It will also ask you to list blogs you find to be particularly useful and a little about yourself. No questions are required, all are optional.
We are primarily interested in the responses of women and minority geoscientists, but non-minority men, please feel free to fill out the survey as well. Your answers will be a useful point of comparison. Note also that we are definining geosciences rather broadly. If you are or can be a member of GSA, AGU, AAG, AMS, ASLO, their international counterparts, or similar organizations, please consider taking the survey.
All the data collected are anonymous and no individuals can or will be identified. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. You are free to withdraw at any time without having any negative affect. If you have questions concerning the study, please contact Dr. Anne Jefferson at ajefferson (at) uncc (dot) edu.
To start the survey, just click here.
UPDATE: some commenters say the link above is not working; the url is
Anne Jefferson
Kim Hannula
Pat Campbell
Suzanne Franks

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Links for 4-3-2009

Scads of stuff I don't have time to blog adequately...

  • Johns Hopkins Provost Kristina Johnson was nominated by President Obama to be under secretary of the Department of Energy in mid-March. From the email press release:

    She is a distinguished researcher, best known for pioneering work -- with widespread scientific and commercial application -- in the field of "smart pixel arrays." Last year, she was awarded the John Fritz Medal, widely considered the highest award in engineering and previously given to Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Westinghouse and Orville Wright. She is an entrepreneur and has served with distinction as dean of engineering at Duke and, since 2007, as provost at Johns Hopkins.

    I should have blogged that for the last Diversity in Science carnival!

  • Isis smacks down the whiny jerkwads always complaining about "illegals" stealing "our jobs". You know, the ones the whiny jerkwads don't want to do.
  • Bean-mom left this very meaty comment three days ago on the motherhood/science careers issue,and it got lost in moderation. Check it out. Also check out her blog!

More stuff after the jump.

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Join Our NC Science Blogging Conference Session Online on Saturday!

Karen Ventii has posted information about how to join our session online at the conference wiki. Here's the details:

[The Gender and Race in Science Blogging] session will be broadcast LIVE on Saturday January 19 at 11am on Please tune in and participate online. Please note that you DO NOT have to register on Ustream to post comments. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your questions. Use the link above or copy and paste the address ( into your browser.

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We Want Your Questions/Input For Our Panel!

Jan 11 2008 Published by under Upcoming Conference

Karen Ventii of Science to Life and I are hosting a panel next weekend at the NC Science Blogging Conference, and we'd like your input. The title of the panel is "Gender and Race in Science". I think it was supposed to be "Gender and Race in Science Blogging" but oh well. We can make the conversation a little broader if that's what you want! We are planning to webcast the panel so it will be possible for you to participate even if you aren't attending. Even before the panel, you can participate at the conference wiki.
Our panel consists of Sciencewoman, Pat Campbell of Fairer Science, and Karen Ventii. We asked each of our panelists to consider the following questions:

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Best Practices: Minorities in Research Careers

Feb 17 2007 Published by under Upcoming Conference

I got an announcement over the WEPAN listserv about a National Research Council workshop:

I am pleased to inform you about a National Research Council workshop on "Understanding Interventions that Encourage Minorities to Pursue Research Careers: Major Questions and Appropriate Methods" that will be held on May 3-4, 2007, at the National Academies in Washington , D.C.

A pdf file included with the email announcement says of the target audience:

If you are a PI, program administrator, mentor, project evaluator, or human resource specialist, this workshop will inform and motivate your work.

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