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That Rescue Thing

Mar 11 2016 Published by under Memes, What They're Saying

Drugmonkey went old-school with a blog meme recently.

The question is, from the teevee (or movies) you've been watching recently, name the top five characters you'd want coming to rescue you from a bad situation.

Although I was not tagged, I took it as an opportunity to write something on this blog again in the least painful way possible. So thanks, DM!

My rescue team would be:

  1. Archer & Lana
  2. Summer. Or Ghost, or Nymeria. Whoever's available.
  3. Emma Swan
  4. Maneet Chauhan
  5. Stimpy

Secret agents, direwolves, magic (light, dark, whatevs), good cooking, and Happy Happy Joy Joy - that should about cover it.

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Book Meme - From Sciencewomen

Feb 26 2009 Published by under Memes

To avoid a paper review I should be working on...
Via Sciencewoman at Sciencewomen, the BBC Book Meme. Using the second list she has posted, supposedly the actual BBC book list. The ones I've read are in bold. I didn't bother starring the ones I plan to read, since my "plan to read" bookshelf is probably several miles long. Good intentions, we all know what road they pave. List is below the fold.

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PhysioProf Tagged Me With This Damn Five Things Meme

Nov 19 2008 Published by under Memes

I haven't done a meme in forever. I was going to spend time today writing something substantive in response to the many thoughtful comments on my blog post on the proper way to be a woman in science. Or on some new topic. But instead I'm producing a response to this meme. Blame PhysioProf.

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Self-Aggrandizing "I Rank Number One on Google!" Meme

Nov 01 2007 Published by under Geekalicious, Memes

Something a little lighter after all that Watson-puke of recent days...
...The World's Fair's exceptional "I rank number one on google!" meme!!!!

I'd like to suggest a meme, where the premise is that you will attempt to find 5 statements, which if you were to type into google (preferably, but we'll take the other country specific ones if need be), you'll find that you are returned with your blog as the number one hit...
To make it easier, we'll let you use a search statement enclosed in quotations - this is just to increase your chances of turning up as number one, but if you happen to have a website with the awesome traffic to command the same statement without quotations, then flaunt it baby! Of course, once you find your 5 statements, pass the meme on to others.

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Pharyngula's Mutating Genre Meme Lands Here

Oct 17 2007 Published by under Geekalicious, Memes

Primate Diaries passed this meme on to me. It was started by Scibling PZ Myers at Pharyngula as a means of demonstrating evolution in cyberspace.
First, the rules:

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California Haz Cheez!

I want to go to California and eat cheese. From the LA Times:

The benchmark for California cheese is higher than ever in a market that finally has caught up with a few pioneers who were way ahead of the curve. Both the flavors and types of cheeses are constantly evolving. From the highest end (an elegant triple crème made with cow's milk crème fraîche stirred into fresh goat's milk curds) to the more accessible (a creamy farmhouse sheep's milk cheese drizzled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and cracked black pepper or a buttery, rich, handmade cheddar) -- cheese-wise, probably no other state has as much to offer. California now has the most artisan cheese producers in the country, according to the recently published "Atlas of American Cheese."

I miss the fab cheeses I used to eat when I lived in Europe...especially when I was traveling around Switzerland. Actually, Philly is a pretty good city for cheese. I just don't go downtown to the fancy cheese shops very often, or drive over to the ritzy suburb and its fancy cheese shop very often. There's Wegman's, but it's a good half hour from my house. Sigh.
Anyway, sounds like they're having fun out there making all that cheese:

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TSZ is Rated R!!!

Jun 25 2007 Published by under Friday Fare, Isn't It Ironic?, Memes

It seems all the Science Bloggers are doing it...
...submitting their blogs for rating at this site.
I am so proud to say TSZ came up with an R rating.
Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Bora has an NC-17 but he's the only one. He's the only one in lots of ways, though, you know?? (I mean that in a good way, Bora!)
My rating was based on the presence of the following words:
sex (8x) pain (3x) poop (2x) puke (1x)
Now, I am absolutely sure that the word "puke" appears more than one time on this blog, so maybe I really should have an NC-17. But, whatever. I'm no "G" blogger like PZ, Doc Bushwell, Steve & Sandra, or Chad. Nor am I a mere PG-er like those Denialists Mark and Chad, or Josh fighting the good fight out in Kansas, or that respectfully insolent Orac. No, I am an "R" blogger. I'm so....proud?

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Eight Things You Weren't Dying To Know

Jun 21 2007 Published by under Memes

So, Bora tagged me today with the Eight Random Facts meme. And since it's Bora, I will respond. Here are the rules:

1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been

But I'm sorry, tagging 8 other people is laborious. Plus it begins to feel less meme-ish and more chain-letter-ish (which is what memes are anyway, but meme sounds so much nicer.) So, if you are reading this, and you have a blog, and this sounds nifty to you, and you'd like to do this, consider yourself tagged by me, if you so desire.
Onward to the eight useless pieces of information!

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Coffee Talk

May 22 2007 Published by under Friday Fare, Memes

Dave at the World's Fair asks:

  1. Can you show us your coffee cup?
  2. Can you comment on it? Do you think it reflects on your personality?
  3. Do you have any interesting anecdotes resulting from coffee cup commentary?
  4. Can you try to get others to comment on it?

I'm a day late and a dollar short, as my dad used to say, in answering this, but I'll give it a try anyway. Most of my sciblings have already given it a go, with lots of nifty pictures of fab coffee mugs. Check out Dr. Free-Ride, Sandra Porter. Dr. Joan Bushwell, CR McClain, Chad Orzel, and Tara's lack-of-coffee lament.
When all this started I was on my way to Gettysburg to a bluegrass festival so that's my excuse for being late and out of the coffee mug loop. Coffee mugs were at home, therefore no opportunity to take spiffy picture, etc. But now! Yes! I can show you my coffee mug!

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I've Been Called A "Thinking Blogger"

Apr 13 2007 Published by under Friday Fare, Memes

Karmen at Chaotic Utopia has honored/saddled me with the Thinking Blogger Award/meme.


I rarely ever participate in memes. But since this one is disguised as a compliment I'll make an exception. Since this comes from Karmen, I do take it as a compliment - thank you, Karmen! It was nice to read what you wrote about me...especially this week, which is a bit of down week for me.
So, okay, here's the award/meme guidelines:

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