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Welcome! to Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman

Jul 09 2015 Published by under Announcements

Welcome, welcome, welcome! and a hearty huzzah! for Scientopia's newest blogger(s)! Go check them out over at Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman. They are spectacular!

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Flying Chairs at #scio12 !!!!!!!!!!!

Forget the jetpacks, ScienceOnline is going to have FLYING CHAIRS!!!!!

They are incredibly awesome.

They look like ordinary plastic and metal classroom desk chairs, but you just sit down in them, think about where you want to go, and hang on!  They will whisk you from one session to the next, swooping and swishing above the crowds below.  You can take them outside, too, and fly around in the parking lot with your friends.  Sometimes, though, Bora programs them all to go to one place at one time when we all need to be there for a plenary session or a dinner or what have you.  It's a sight to see everyone rising up like a flock of nerdy birds, whizzing along to the next venue.


When I woke up this morning and realized that flying chairs at #SciO12 was just a beautiful dream, I felt sad only for a moment.  Even if there aren't going to be flying chairs, Bora and Anton will still have created something so fab I'll feel like I've been flying around by the seat of my pants for three days.

More down-to-earth and sensible discussions of what to expect at SciO12 can be found at Dr. Stemwedel's place and over at WhizBANG!


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Smart Girls at the Party

Via Gerty-Z - thanks so much for alerting me to this site!

Smart Girls At The Party!

As Gerty-Z notes,

the tagline [is] "change the world by being yourself". Now, that already sounds pretty awesome. BUT, if you poke around you will find that it is set up by three super-awesome women: Amy Poehler, Meredith Walker and Amy Miles. They interview women and girls who do cool stuff

Valentine is a gardener.  And there are many, many more cool videos and other things on the site.  Share this with every young girl you know!!!!!!!!!!!


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Serving Notice...

Jul 20 2011 Published by under Announcements

...that I am about to set hands to keyboard and take up the blogging habit once again.  Zuskateers beware!

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Time To Move On

Apr 01 2011 Published by under Announcements, Those Humorless Feminists

Well, I haven't wanted to say anything about it, but I've had enough with the management around here, and the latest crazy proposal to change Scientopia to a subscription model - you pay $20 a year to see the entire post, otherwise you don't get to see the letter "e", which apparently is most common and uses the most bandwidth - is just too much for me.   I am moving to Occam's Typewriter.

But I'm sick of moving this blog from one place to another, too.  I'm taking this as an opportunity to try something new.  I'm shutting TSZ down completely, and I'll be starting a new blog at OT called "Fun With Feminism!"  Say goodbye to Zuska and hello to my new alter ego, Ariana, based on a tv heroine of mine (see if you can guess who!)

FWF will be focused on outreach to 11th and 12th graders and 1st and 2nd year college students.  These are the critical years for determining whether or not a young woman will form a feminist consciousness.  It's no secret that feminism has a bad reputation as a grim, humorless enterprise.  This turns a lot of young women off.  So FWF will feature feminists in the workplace, women's studies professors, and the like - each profile will include a headshot of the feminist smiling, and will explore things like who are their favorite comedians, what's their favorite joke, have they ever gone to a comedy club and what was it like if they did, what things do they like to do to have fun on weekends with their friends.  In this way, young women will see that feminists are fun! and will be encouraged to consider becoming feminists.

It's been great blogging at TSZ as a hairy-legged feminazi, but I am really excited about this next stage in my blogging life as a clean-shaven fun-filled gal, bringing feminism to the young ones in a cheerful and hilarious guise!  Wish me luck and follow me at OT!  Also on Twitter!  I will totally be on Twitter!

UPDATE:  Zuska's legacy will live on!  Someone is stepping up to carry on her work!

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International Women's Day: Slideshow at the Guest Blogge!

Mar 09 2011 Published by under Announcements, Feminist Foremothers

Visit the Guest Blogge to see an inspiring slideshow of women scientists from the Smithsonian's Women in Science set, posted by Guest Blogger Penny.  Thanks, Penny!

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Thony and Penny Are Bringin' It On The Guest Blogge!

Zuskateers, there is a heap o' good reading over at the Guest Blogge right now!  Thony and Penny are turning out a series of posts so wonderful I want to cry.  How could you not love the story of Florence Violet Mackenzie, Australia's first woman electrical engineer?  Complete with a great black and white photo.  Or Thony's answer to that old argument, "who invented the calculus, Newton or Leibniz?" - Thony sez, you're asking the wrong question.  There's more, much more. Go forth, read, be entertained and enlightened.

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What's That Blooming? Witch Hazel, and the Guest Blogge!

It was spring in February today.  Temps in the sixties, and the buds that broke on the witch hazel on Tuesday finally came full flower.  I didn't get out in the yard with the camera till the light was almost dying.

"Orange Peel" witch hazel in the front yard

Yay!  This year I finally have witch hazel blossoms!  Okay, last year I dug up the non-performer and replaced it with this one.  It turns out that all the showy bloomer witch hazels are grafted onto rootstock that has teeny tiny non-showy little buds that bloom in the fall.  The rootstock will take over if not pruned back.  Apparently, when I bought my dud, the rootstock was already growing vigorously through the graft and just kept on doing so.  "Orange Peel" survived last summer's heat wave and even though it looked awfully droopy at one point, it set out a nice batch of buds.  And here we are!  Blossoms in February to cheer the soul!  Here's a closeup.

"Orange Peel" blossoms

Spring in February brings a blossoming to Scientopia as well, with the start of our Guest Blogge!  Our inaugural guest bloggers are Frautech, who blogs at Design. Build. Play. and Paolo who blogs at Zygoma.  In her inaugural guest post, Frautech talks about putting the E in STEM.    Paolo talks about celebrating Darwin's birthday and ponders whether he would get a job in science today.  Stop over, read these and their other posts, and say hello! And keep an eye on the guest blogge - lots of other great bloggers are in the lineup for the future!

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Welcome, Andrew of Hardtack and Sardines!

Nov 09 2010 Published by under Announcements

We have another new blog here at Scientopia!

Hardtack and Sardines is written by Andrew, a graduate student at Duke University Marine Lab.  You'll find poetry, creative writing, and photography with a science and maritime theme at Andrew's blog.  Go on over and say hello!

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Science Professor In The House!!!!!!!!

Nov 05 2010 Published by under Announcements, Some Good News For A Change

I'm long overdue with this bloggy welcome, but huzzah!!  Science Professor is blogging here at Scientopia!!  Go on over and say hello if you haven't already.

I am giddy with delight!

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