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Zuska, Goddess of Science, Empress of Engineering, and Avenging Angel of Angry Women, will tell you what everyone is thinking but is afraid to say.

I offer the web's most excellent and informative rants on the intransigent refusal of engineering and science to open their doors to anyone but white males. Verbally bludgeoning morons, celebrating the fabulousness of techie women, Zuska encourages every female to release her Inner Pissed-Off Woman.

Zuska is chronically educated, with many engineering degrees from fancy universities. I have done hard time as an engineer and a scientist, in academia and industry, at the bench and in administration. I am a certified feminist. You are welcome to argue with me if you don’t mind the occasional puke on your shoes.

What do aspiring Zuskateers need to know?

The following information may enhance the effectiveness of your daily Zuska intake.

I am fond of Twisty Faster and her guide on Patriarchy-Blaming the Twisty Way. Like Twisty, I insist that my readers acknowledge that I do not speak for all women, all women engineers, all women scientists, all feminists, or all feminist women engineers and scientists. I heartily endorse her comments guidelines and her miscellaneous pronouncements. I wish that I could also say, like Twisty, that this is not a feminist primer. But Twisty has the luxury of dealing with the rest of the academy (and much of the workforce) that marched bravely forward starting in the seventies, entering the new millennium with at least a modest understanding of the fact that women are humans. Sadly for me and for all women, the majority of Science-and-Engineering-Land remains Groundhog Day-ishly rooted in the 1950's, where Title IX is just a dim dream.

Advanced Zuskateers often cackle in delight when reading Thus Spake Zuska, experiencing vicarious vindication and obtaining tips for their Daily Moron Management activities. However, young and/or beginning Zuskateers may often be confused, upset, or even frightened. This is normal. Speaking truth to morons* gets easier with practice. In this, it is not unlike yoga: awkward and a bit painful in the beginning. But with time, the practitioner feels stronger and more flexible, obtains more inner peace, and focuses more clearly upon her work.

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The banner for this blog was designed and created by Alexis Turner, "a graduate student in political theory/social science at The University of Chicago. Her current research interests concern the role of error and perfectionism in political life. If she could find a way to somehow combine this with a love of design, linux, art, pretentious minimalist music, bourbon, Texas, Brooklyn, mad science, shitty films, and hacking, life would probably be perfect."

*The delightful phrase "speaking truth to morons" was coined by a commenter at TSZ; unfortunately, I have not yet been able to locate where in the comments in order to give credit. If you are that commenter, drop me a line via email at bobtownsuz AT gmail DOT com.

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  • Frannie says:

    Re: Why Not? Blogging My D & C

    Posted on: July 24, 2008 8:14 PM, by Zuska

    Dear Zuska,

    I just found this entry of yours from 2008 today, and it is a huge help to me as I get ready for my D&C a week from today. I've never had one, and I don't have much of a support system. Thanks for a realistic sharing of what it was like.


  • I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this website. I really hope to view the same high-grade blog posts from you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own site now 😉

  • David Hoffman says:

    Hi Suzanne! Nice blog! I just found it, and read back quite a bit. I'm glad to see you are still alive and sometimes puking on shoes. I'm in Austin TX, trying my best to educate the future heath care professionals. So I'm mostly teaching biochemistry. I'm happy and well. Best wishes, David Hoffman

    • Zuska says:

      David! so nice to hear from you! I'm glad to know you are doing well! Hey, thanks for taking time to read the blog. Blogging's been somewhat sparse recently. I have hope 2014 will be the year of renewed blogging vigor.

  • Shruti says:

    Dear Zuska,

    Thank you for this blog. Chancing upon it has been the best thing to have happened to my internet reading in a long time. Not to mention that it's brilliant to finally have someone who articulates all the things one devolves into rage- hyperventilation about.

  • A. Marina Fournier says:

    Apple Mail stupidly stopped supporting RSS.
    Could you suggest a way I could get your posts, or a notification thereof, by email? I'd rather not attempt to remember to check for posts on your site, given the state of my memory.

  • chip deaton says:

    I saw a post some time ago, about you with a beach wheelchair, with your mom.I am trying to help my mom with going and visiting ocean city Maryland again.
    I would greatly appreciate if you could Enteral me as to how easy it is to push someone in one.
    My mom heavy and I wanted to know so I could help her.
    Thank you,
    Chip Deaton

  • chip deaton says:

    That was "email" me,sorry.

    • Zuska says:

      Hi Chip, the beach wheelchairs move remarkably easy in the sand, not so easily on solid surface. It's good if you have someone else with you to help, so that you can move your family member close to where the sand begins in the regular wheelchair, transfer to the beach wheelchair, and then go ahead on the sand while someone else returns the regular wheelchair to a safe place until needed again when you return from the beach. If you are somewhere at the beach where you need to go up and over a dune, you may need two people to help push the chair up the dune and help bring it down the other side safely. My sister and I were able to manage quite well. The beach wheelchair rental people may be able to give you more advice.

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