That Rescue Thing

Mar 11 2016 Published by under Memes, What They're Saying

Drugmonkey went old-school with a blog meme recently.

The question is, from the teevee (or movies) you've been watching recently, name the top five characters you'd want coming to rescue you from a bad situation.

Although I was not tagged, I took it as an opportunity to write something on this blog again in the least painful way possible. So thanks, DM!

My rescue team would be:

  1. Archer & Lana
  2. Summer. Or Ghost, or Nymeria. Whoever's available.
  3. Emma Swan
  4. Maneet Chauhan
  5. Stimpy

Secret agents, direwolves, magic (light, dark, whatevs), good cooking, and Happy Happy Joy Joy - that should about cover it.

4 responses so far

  • chall says:

    ahh....Emma swan. Not Regina? It reminds me that I've probably missed the episodes after holiday break. I'll look for it on hulu on the weekend. thank you! 🙂

  • Cindy Burack says:

    1. Arya Stark (little, but good with sharp objects)
    2. The Dowager Countess of Grantham (sharp wit)
    3. Olivia Pope (sharp wardrobe!)
    4. Dexter (brings his own plastic wrap. And sharp objects)
    5. Vee from Orange is the New Black (because when you're in trouble you need at least 2 psychopaths)