The Changing Seasons

Dec 23 2015 Published by under Gardening For Life

It's a balmy 59 degrees today as I write, here in eastern Pennsylvania. Forecast for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is 72 and 68, respectively. These kinds of temperatures may perhaps seem unusual for December in eastern PA. Nevertheless they are quite normal if one attends to the changing of the seasons. In 2015, we had:
Winter With A Vengeance (Jan-Feb-March)
Spring Thank God Spring! (April-May)
Summer (June-July)
Hell (August)
Summer (Sept)
Fall (Oct-Nov)
and now Springish Falmmer (December).
We can expect Winterish and Winter to come and go over the next two to three months (some say Winter Is Coming, but not till April 2016), to be followed by Spring lasting anywhere from two weeks to 2 months, leading into Jesus It's Summer Already! followed inevitably by Hell once again, etc.

When I see the following in my front yard in December

December bloom of black-eyed Susan

December bloom of black-eyed Susan

I think of my mother. Once, driving her to a doctor appointment in early February, I pointed out a tree that had budded and begun to leaf. "That tree doesn't know what it's supposed to be doing," she said. The flora around me are feverishly cogitating over Springish Falmmer. Who among them knows what to make of it, we shall see when actual Spring gets here.




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