Welcome! to Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman

Jul 09 2015 Published by under Announcements

Welcome, welcome, welcome! and a hearty huzzah! for Scientopia's newest blogger(s)! Go check them out over at Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman. They are spectacular!

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  • Shruti says:

    Hello, I promise this is not spam :). Used to read your blog a year ago and hadn't been around for a while. I stay in Bangalore, India and would sometimes hear of things that help with migraine headaches and mentally make a note to tell them to you but life and general laziness got in the way.

    Anyway, this is me adding a few minutes to things I'm doing to add to today's procrastination by linking you to a link I just saw on how this may be helped (the headaches, I mean). Note: I haven't heard this podcast but the speakers are two excellent journalists who know their stuff when it comes to cited research. Hopefully not a waste of your time. In any event, this will probably make for good listening: http://t.co/gznQad21ZP