Chocolate Yogurt, Balm of My Soul

The universe has seen fit to kindly offer some recompense for years of suffering. I thought it best to take public notice. You want to reinforce good behavior on the part of the universe, in the hopes that it might continue down that path.

There were many years after my stroke when my diet was extremely limited. Everything, it seemed, was a migraine trigger. Not just little headaches, mind you, but crushing migraines that left me bed-ridden for days. My migraine-enforced food deprivations included two of my favorite foods: yogurt, and anything chocolate.

Years of botox treatments seemed to have a gradual desensitizing effect on my food triggers, and eventually I could eat a large chunk of the richest chocolate with impunity.

And then I discovered that my favorite local yogurt-maker makes chocolate yogurt. Yes. And it is too wonderful to be true. Except it is.

I rationalized: there is virtue in indulging in my hi cal treat. Yogurt is good for you! Locavore! Eat healthy AND save the planet! But really, delicious chocolate yogurt is just something the universe owes me. The universe rarely gets around to coughing up much of anything it owes me (or anyone), so three cheers for tasty chocolate yogurt. I have a quart of it in my refrigerator right now.

My wish for all the Zuskateers: may you be granted your own chocolate yogurt-equivalent today.

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