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Day 1, Hour 1 of captivity

Conehead lies in despair next to the bathroom door.

If only it would open and let him out.

14 days of this hell????

He swears he'll never eat another needle if only you let him out to sweet, sweet freedom.



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  • Zuska says:

    Yes, he woofed down a threaded 1.5 inch sewing needle.

  • Zuska says:

    I'm not posting pics of the abdominal scar because I want to leave him with a shred of dignity.

  • Scicurious says:

    But but but...hairless kitty tummy!!!!

  • A. Marina Fournier says:

    The Cone of Shame! RIght now our elder dog is wearing one because he'd been biting his already irritated skin. BOTH of our pound pups came with sensitive skin, which is apparently seasonal allergies manifesting that way as well as sneezing.

    But, swallowing a sewing needle--ick! Poor senseless thing!

  • My elder kitty ate a needle a few months ago, though he didn't need the cone of shame. He was very good at leaving his stitches alone. The hardest part was not playing with him like usual until it healed. He would drag the feather toy everywhere and look super pitiful at us.

    The little kitty shows no interest in sewing needles, but no yarn is safe in his presence. He will run off with a skein as big as he is, looking super triumphant.

  • Zuska says:

    Cone of shame absolutely necessary. That stupid kitteh would rip those stitches out of his belly in 3 seconds. If I can get a pic of hairless belly I will post. His dignity be damned. He owes me for my kitchen renovation, which I saved for for 4 years. Amazingly, the amount I saved came out to be almost exactly the bill for removing a threaded needle from a kitteh belly.

    The most saddest part is my kitteh likes to head butt me, and he keeps trying to do it with the cone of shame on, and it just doesn't work. He and I are trying to figure out a way to do it where I poke my head into the cone and he can nudge me with his head and it makes him ecstatically happy - massive purring. Kitteh 2 is seriously confused and lonely, though was very excited to get in on some of the tuna that Kitteh 1 got for his recuperation diet.

    Shameful confession: I gave Kitteh 1 his pain meds to slow him down, then distracted him with tuna so I could escape out the bathroom door without him trying to follow me. Every so often he scrapes at the bathroom door and I feel like a jailor.

  • MZ says:

    OK, sympathy for the kitty, to be sure. But glad to hear from you again! At least you are not wearing a giant cone on your head, too. (Or wait, is that why you are not in the picture . . .)

  • Asphericity says:

    Ohhhhh nooooo, SUCH a sad kitteh! I always have to tell myself, "He'll be FINE. He's not happy about it, but he's not suffering. He will adapt and get through it..." So glad you can still give him his loves despite the Cone of Shame.

    My kitteh (who looks a lot like yours) ate a long piece of thread a few months back and I was so worried that he might have eaten the needle too. Luckily not, and the thread came out the other end with no complications. On the other hand, my in-laws one year had to blow the Christmas budget on abdominal surgery for their cat, who had decided to eat a bunch of sharp-edged package ribbon. But a live kitteh turns out to be the best present of all. Here's hoping yours recovers quickly!

  • whizbang says:

    Poor kitteh. I'm glad they were able to fix things.

  • BLG says:

    Are needles tasty treats?

  • I hope that's real tile and not linoleum. 14 days of clawing at linoleum in one place will destroy it.

    Of course, you can further torment him by clipping his claws.

  • I'm guessing kitteh doesn't see the irony of having been stitched up (with a threaded needle of some sort) as a consequence of having swallowed a threaded needle. If kitteh wanted stitches, kitteh could have gotten them cheaper from someone who didn't go to vet school ... maybe in a nice kitteh Hallowe'en garment. You know, one that doesn't make kitteh look like a lamp!

    Maybe kitteh can moonlight as a lamp to make some money to help finance the kitchen remodel.

  • Dr. Beth says:

    I am the proud mom of a $286 orange tabby kitteh, that being the cost for an office visit, two x-rays, and an enema to remove the dried up mass in his colon that was causing him grief last weekend. See what happens when you eat nasty field mice? OTOH better than potential other causes I was envisioning when the vet described feeling a mass in his abdomen...

  • thebewilderness says:

    How is he holding up?

    My friend Scuttlebutt has the dubious distinction to be the worst cat the Vet staff have ever had the misfortune to neuter. They saw him starting to wakey and by the time they got to him he had the cone of shame off and was ready to take them on. And he seemed like such a nice fella.