What's That Blooming? Witch Hazel, and the Guest Blogge!

It was spring in February today.  Temps in the sixties, and the buds that broke on the witch hazel on Tuesday finally came full flower.  I didn't get out in the yard with the camera till the light was almost dying.

"Orange Peel" witch hazel in the front yard

Yay!  This year I finally have witch hazel blossoms!  Okay, last year I dug up the non-performer and replaced it with this one.  It turns out that all the showy bloomer witch hazels are grafted onto rootstock that has teeny tiny non-showy little buds that bloom in the fall.  The rootstock will take over if not pruned back.  Apparently, when I bought my dud, the rootstock was already growing vigorously through the graft and just kept on doing so.  "Orange Peel" survived last summer's heat wave and even though it looked awfully droopy at one point, it set out a nice batch of buds.  And here we are!  Blossoms in February to cheer the soul!  Here's a closeup.

"Orange Peel" blossoms

Spring in February brings a blossoming to Scientopia as well, with the start of our Guest Blogge!  Our inaugural guest bloggers are Frautech, who blogs at Design. Build. Play. and Paolo who blogs at Zygoma.  In her inaugural guest post, Frautech talks about putting the E in STEM.    Paolo talks about celebrating Darwin's birthday and ponders whether he would get a job in science today.  Stop over, read these and their other posts, and say hello! And keep an eye on the guest blogge - lots of other great bloggers are in the lineup for the future!

4 responses so far

  • I had no idea that anything blooms in February. Must look into this.

    • Zuska says:

      Witch hazels are wonderful for this very reason! That, and snowdrops, which come out shortly after the witch hazel, even earlier than the crocus, which are just starting to poke up in my garden. The snowdrops are already a-bloomin' at the Morris Arboretum. Mine are a little slower than the ones at the arboretum but are on their way out. But nothing beats a witch hazel for show in February.

  • penny says:

    I've started my guest blogging shift now--thanks for the invitation, I'm having a grand time thinking about what to post next!

  • thebewilderness says:

    The Sarcococca is through in my area and the snowdrops are finally up. A couple more weeks and my favorite Hamamelis "Arnolds Promise" will open its lemony yellow frou frous. It has reliable fall color that will stop traffic on any garden path. February was and odd month for us in the Pacific NW. Alternating the depths of winter snow and temps in the twenties with our fiftyish fits of spring. None of the Sasanqua Camellias have bloomed yet and they usually do their thing in December and January.
    All in all not a great year for us for the winter bloomers.