2011 St. K3rn Olympic Competition Heats Up Early!

Pace yourselves, Graybearded Eminences of STEM. The year is still young.  Plenty of time left before we award the 2011 St. K3rn Medal come December to the douchenozzle who's single-handedly done the most to uphold and extend institutional and structural norms of oppression in STEM careers.

Although, come to think of it, you might want to get cracking.   Edward Feldman DVM, Chair of the Department of Medicine & Epidemiology at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, has begun the year in a spectacularly k3rntastic fashion.

Fear not, though, there's still plenty of room to play.  While he invited his students to vote on a knocked-up harlot's grade, he did not provide them with a voting option to fail their Whore of Babylon classmate or throw her out of the program altogether.  This glaring absence is a concern to me.  These are third year vet school students, after all, and if they have not learned anything by the third year about the mechanics of how to manage animal reproduction, it's not clear to me they should be allowed to stay in the program.  So failure and the boot should have been among the voting choices.  Step up your game, Mr. Feldman, if you want to do better than place or show!  Kudos, though, for training an entire class in how to appropriately socially sanction a woman in STEM who can't keep her legs together.  That "automatic A final grade" they were allowed to vote for as one of the options - does it come in scarlet?

Isis remarks in her post:

If she had earned an 'A', why would the 'B' or 'C' be an option?  The arbitrary nature of these options is baffling.  I also fail to see how the issues related to this individual student are of concern to the entire 3rd year class of a veterinary school.

Baffling until you remember:  procreating marks you as Clearly Not Serious About Your Career.  Once so marked, there's no point in GE of STEM wasting their precious time trying to evaluate you.  Some sort of reality show viewership (hence involving the entire class) voting popularity contest method of assigning your grade (until you can be shamed into quitting altogether) will do.  The class clearly should have been given the option to vote Miss Bun-In-The-Oven off the veterinary island.  She could have been given an opportunity to do a final dance or something similar.

In the future, I recommend that other GE of STEM ratchet up the creativity even more.  Maybe look to the reality game show format. Million Point Final Grade Drop. You're pregnant, what should your final grade be? You start with a million points, Dr. K3rn-Wannabe gives you 7 random multiple choice questions, there's a frantic 60 seconds following the question to bet your points in a distribution over possible answers, all your classmates are watching you.  Wrong answer choice?  Lose your points!  At the end of the 7 questions, your grade is based on the percentage of the million points you've retained. If televised, this would be hugely entertaining, and would serve as an object lesson to young ladeez everywhere.  Think of the synergy, St. K3rn wannabes.  It's one thing to social norm a third-year vet school class about gender role expectations in STEM, but tv could let you do so much more.  An eager nation awaits your tutelage.

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  • DrugMonkey says:

    "place or show"? I'm sure you meant "einstein or curie"...

  • WhizBANG! says:

    Reality show professional schools. Televised dissertation defenses with the general public voting pass or fail by text message. My brain is humming in anticipation of this future egalitarianism. Why shouldn't Joe New Earth Creationist be a judge of you thesis on invertebrate evolution? Could be whackier than Bristol Palin dancing or anything Snooki does!

    Nothing personal, but I hope no television producers follow your blog...

  • thehermitage says:

    Everyone knows that leaving your uterus lying around to get impregnated is totes irresponsible. She can never be qualified to take care of Fluffy after that.

    And besides, we all know there's no way she can get an A with all those baby hormones dissolving all the quantitative bits of her brain.

  • jc says:

    Are You Smarter than a Pregnant Lady?

  • becca says:

    The class clearly should have been given the option to vote Miss Bun-In-The-Oven off the veterinary island.

    Funny you should mention the island. Notice the chairmen...


    #k3rned for THEE but never for ME!

  • Thegoodman says:

    That prof is off his rocker. He appears to be one of those pompous tenured faculty types who walk around with their nose in the air thinking they are invincible. The professor, the "presidents" who sent the email, and everyone involved should be thoroughly punished by the school.

    The good news is that Dr. Feldman's career seems to have taken a turn for the worse with a quick google of his name. That d-bag extraordinaire now has a Scarlet A (for asshole) on his digital name until the end of time.

    The crazy part is that the student hadn't missed any class and didn't appear to be requesting any sort of special treatment. He wasn't even prompted to do something absurd; he did it all on his own volition, which is very disturbing.

  • thebewilderness says:

    She was sitting right there in class when he declared her absent for an unknown period of time in order to justify his bizarre behavior.
    He needs to be evaluated.

  • thebewilderness says:

    The thread at Isis is now full of deeply offended vet students who think it highly inappropriate for bloggers who call themselves scientists but are rilly rilly gossipers to speculate as to exactly why this prof chose to humiliate this student in this illegal manner.