Twelve Months of TSZ (2010)

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The rules for this blog meme are quite simple.
-Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year.

I'm inspired by DrugMonkey to do this year's version.  I did not get around to it last year.  In fact, have not done this since 2006.  Wherein, mine disasters were in the news, I blogged about health issues, blogged about geology and feminism**, started a post "Hello again, Zuskateers!", and talked to my readers about problems with commenting.  Hmmm, 2006 sounds an awful lot like 2010.

Some of these posts were originally posted at the ScienceBlogs site of TSZ but I am linking to them here on Scientopia.  The SB site is still up, but comments are closed on it.  You might take a fancy to comment on one of these posts, and I would not like to deny you the chance. Okay, on to the year in review via first sentences!

  • I see erv is blogging some trash-talking shit about how she would “bet a large sum of money that [she is] the fittest person on SciBlogs”. [Jan]
  • You, my dear friend, have been EXCEEDINGLY ill for weeks, but still making sure everything at work gets covered, via arrangements with colleagues and telecommuting despite being on strict bed rest orders from your doctor. [Feb]
  • So the word on the street is that Greg Laden is taking his eponymous blog and moving on over to the Discover network blogs. [April]
  • A recent conversation with a friend reminded me of yet another of the “death by a thousand paper cuts**” craptastic things I used to hate dealing with in my days in the scientific workforce. [May]
  • Jeebus, people, you have GOT to get some new whiney whines, you Whiney McWhinersons. [June]
  • Zombie women of the world, I ask you: why are we content to shamble aimlessly along behind our brethren, following them willy-nilly, eating the leftover brains, and cleaning up after they senselessly destroy some village? [July]
  • Welcome to Thus Spake Zuska at its brand new home on! [Aug]
  • Hi Zuskateers! [Sept]
  • We had some crashing rain storms at the end of last week.  [Oct]
  • On a recent trip to my hometown area, I had a chance to chat with my beloved Aunt Betty. [Nov]
  • Why, oh why do I have to be hatin’ on the good works that SciCheer wants to do for the young girls of our nation? [Dec]

**the geology and feminism doesn't make it into this list of looking back at 2010 posts but I did indeed write about women in the geosciences this year.

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