The Eensy-Weensy Spider

Oct 03 2010 Published by under Gardening For Life, Some Good News For A Change

We had some crashing rain storms at the end of last week.  Serious rain and flooding.  Roads were closed, and a sinkhole opened up on one of the major routes in the area. Saturday the sun came out, and dried up all the rain.

Today I trucked some of last night's dinner prep scraps out to the compost bin, and thought I'd give my mini-kitchen compost can (an old plastic coffee container) a nice rinsing at the rain barrel.  Lo and behold!  The eensy-weensy spider was out, busily spinning a beautiful web spanning the space between the boxwood and holly shrubs on either side of the rain barrel.

Not so eensy-weensy spider

I didn't have the heart to mess with its enterprise.  I went to the other side of the house and used the hose.

(You can tell I'm no nature photographer.  Wish I had gotten a better pic.)

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  • Jon says:

    Looks like a nice Orb-weaver of some sort - bit hard to tell the species from the photo 🙂

    • Zuska says:

      I know, I am not a good photographer, and that spider would not sit still for one microsecond. Plus the wind was blowing the web to and fro.

  • stacyhurt says:

    It's a wood spider. This is their time of year. They get so large and you can get so close you can catch the flash reflection of their eyes sometimes. They are so beautiful!

  • you are much kinder than I. Dog poop attracts flies, which attracts spiders. I have have ruined many beautiful webs these last few days. If they would stop putting them in my path, really i would not touch them.