Bechdel Test Hits The Big Time - Entertainment Weekly!!!!

Aug 12 2010 Published by under Ludicrous Language, Men Who Hate Women

Via WMST-L, comes this report on the Bechdel Test:

I was stunned (in a good way) to see that the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (cover-dated August 13) had a full-page column about [the Bechdel test].

You have got to read this post!   And don't you just know it, the first comment is from some d00dche, arguing about how d00ds are totes given a hard time in the film credits:

Although, the one point I would make is that names like “Guy on Bus”, “Drunk Guy At Party” are very prevelant. The “character not named, but described” is extremely common for men- few characters outside the supporting cast get actual names, especially if they are only in one scene. If secretary is present throughout the film and has dialog in more than one scene-she probably has a name. Otherwise, it was a great column and I am both surprised and pleased that the test has made as big of a splash as it seems to have over the last two weeks.

Ahahahahahahhaha!!!!  Yes, the one point I would make! About d00ds! The poor d00ds!  Let us not forget the d00ds! Not even for one microsecond!  Not even when we are talking about whether or not films ever, ever, ever, for an infinitesimal minute, allow women to have a tiny conversational interchange in which d00ds are not the point of the conversation!  Ahahahahahahahahahaha!  No fucking wonder the Hollywood wunderkinds think they cannot show two women talking about anything but how to get a d00d. Because anywhere you go in the universe, there you will find a d00d, piping up about how d00dly d00d shit is so fucking important and needs to be attended to. The Hollywood wunderkinds must think this stuff is God's truth.  And that all women, everywhere, breathlessly await further instruction on the endlessly fascinating topic of How To Get A Dude.  Like as if the d00ds aren't every fucking where we go every fucking minute of every fucking day. Or like they are so fucking difficult to get.  What I want is a Hollywood film on how to get rid of the d00dly d00ds who haunt our waking existence.  That would be an awesome film. I am not holding my breath.

Oh wait.  There was Men Who Hate Women The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I hear Hollywood is gonna remake that.  I am sure that remake will be totes fucking awesome.

P.S.  Apologies for the profanity.  It appears that Comrade Physioprof hacked my blog.

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  • jc says:

    Dear Dood,
    It is not personal. No need to get emotional over being neglected. There will be exactly 453457543245661 opportunities for you to get involved in other movies, you don't even need to be deemed attractive or have acting training! I know, boo fucking hoo, some characters might not be assigned names in the script, but I bet if you showed some tit, you would gain some respect. Oh wait.
    Luv and Videotape, jc

    from the article "According to Hollywood, if two women came on screen and started talking, the target male audience’s brain would glaze over" and "By having women talk to each other about something other than men, I was “losing the audience.""
    The same shit happens to me as a scientist. If I'm not patting a d00d on the back for breathing while sciencing, then I fail as a woman+scientist because my first "job" is being female. If actresses aren't revolving their acting around men, then they fail as women+actresses. IBTP.

    I hear Henrietta Lacks is also gonna have a movie. *squee*

  • estraven says:

    I love the Bechdel test (and Bechdel in general, I think I own her complete opus). It's nice to see it go mainstream, and the article you're quoting is great.
    Idle unrelated question: did you also read Larsson's book(s) in the original, viewed as you're quoting the original title?

  • zuska says:

    No, I have not read the books yet. I saw the first film, but it was staggeringly obvious to me that the title had not been translated properly, and what the actual title was. Also it is hilarious when it is obvious in the film that characters are saying "fuck" and the subtitle reads "shit" or "damn". Really? You can't put fuck in a subtitle? In an arthouse film? Hahahaha! I despair to see how Hollywood will mess up the remake of this movie.

    Follow my link of the movie title in the post above to another post I wrote about the movie, if you like.

  • josh says:

    I was thinking about the comment regarding guys getting generic names vs. the secretary getting a name just for being in one or two scenes. Perhaps the filmmakers gave the secretary* a name simply so that they could pass this test and be considered progressive? This of course presumes that her part was just as (in)significant as the part of the "Guy on Bus," who must have had lines in more than two scenes in order to be chosen for this comparison.

    * The secretary was obviously a woman. So obvious, in fact, that it wasn't worth pointing out in the original comment. Secretary-ing is women's work, amirite?

  • Katherine says:

    Heh, in my experience, most people who have read or want to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (or watch the movie - I thought it had come out already!) don't know its original title 😉

  • Change says:

    I haven't checked out the link you posted. But...

    After reading your post about "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" I read the book and watched the movie too. (Before then I wasn't too keen on reading a crime thriller, though many friends recommended it.)

    Firstly I'm not sure the movie passes the Bechdel Test, although I rated it 5 stars. I liked that the protagonist, Salander, doesn't run for help to Blomkvist or other male characters or doesn't need them to help her.

    The movie is definitely a lot better than the book. You are not losing anything by not reading the book. The writing is terrible. Grr.. they are drinking coffee on every single page of the book. The translation sucked too. (I read some reviews that said the same thing about the German translation too.) It made me wonder if it was the first rough draft of the manuscript that the publishers printed. Had Larsson got no editors? The plot is also much better in the movie--much refined with all the loose ends tied up. The book gets only 3.5 stars from me.

    In spite of what I said above, I've also finished reading the second book in the series, "The Girl Who Played with Fire." This one's pretty bad (worse than the first book in all aspects). I'm now on to reading the third book, "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest."

    I'd actually like to read your review of the book if you plan on reading the book.

  • Comrade Svilova says:

    Just as an aside, the Bechdel test shouldn't be the only thing by which a movie is judged on its feminist credentials; there are movies with only a single female character that have incisive feminist critique. That said, what I find fascinating is how low the Bechdel Test actually sets the bar ... and how hard it is to find films that actually satisfy that.

    Tell the d00d that he should see if he can find a film in which the male characters always appear on screen alone and only talk about women. Hah! He gets $$ if he actually comes up with more than a handful.

    In other news, did you hear that because there are now SO many women on the Supreme Court that it might get bogged down in gender issues? Because none of the hundred plus male supreme court judges had a gender and if they did have one (hidden away in a sock drawer?) it definitely never biased any of their decisions.

  • eb says:

    "What I want is a Hollywood film on how to get rid of the d00dly d00ds who haunt our waking existence."

    Not Hollywood but...